CI 101

Gateway to the Industry
  • Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate
  • Make informed investment decisions using the CCIM Cash Flow Model
  • Measure the impact of federal taxation and financial leverage on the cash flow from the acquisition, ownership, and disposition phases of real estate investment
  • Use real estate analysis tools to quantify investment return
  • Not familiar with the industry? Start with Foundations for Success in Commercial Real Estate
Saadia Sheikh, CCIM
“It took me through the fundamentals of underwriting, internal rate of return, and net present value so I could make the right investment calculation for my client.”
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CI 102

Technology Turbocharge
  • Market Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate
  • Apply market and competitive analysis, political and legal analysis, and location and site analysis
  • Conduct financial feasibility tests to make investment decisions
  • Perform state-of-the-art geospatial analyses and forecast future demand and opportunities for investment
K. Teya Moore, CCIM
"CI 102 taught me how to use BAO mapping and Tapestry segmentation to make the optimum site selection."
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Creative Solutions
  • Apply the CCIM Interest-based Negotiations Model to your negotiations preparations
  • Assess risks and action plans for potential conflicts
D’Etta Casto-DeLeon, CCIM
"I learned how to use the CCIM interest-based negotiation model to see every transaction from multiple perspectives, generating value for all parties."
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CI 103

Customer First
  • User Decision Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate
  • Apply key occupancy decision-making skills such as comparative lease analysis, lease vs. purchase analysis, lease buyout analysis, and sale-leaseback analysis to optimize user space decisions
  • Determine how the financial reporting requirements for real estate influence user decisions
Howard Fuerst, CCIM
“I can apply these tools to generate capital from a real estate portfolio and make better occupancy decisions.”
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CI 104

Investment Master Class
  • Investment Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate
  • Apply key investor decision-making analyses to optimize investment returns
  • More effectively forecast investment performance by quantifying real estate risk
  • Leverage CCIM analytical tools to improve decision making
Patrick Brady, CCIM
“CI 104 showed me how to present a sell vs. hold analysis, a capital improvement plan, and a valuation study to guide investment decisions.”
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