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Linking a company’s enterprise-level goals with their real estate strategy is key to offering the right space solution. Whether an investor, operator, or a broker, it’s important to approach real estate problems from the perspective of the user/occupant. In CI 103, you’ll learn such advanced skills as how to perform a comparative lease analysis between competing assets, analyze a sale-leaseback to help a client generate capital from their owned real estate, and advise a client on a lease vs. purchase decision to facilitate an expansion.

Incorporating the CCIM Decision-Making Model and the CCIM Communications/Negotiations Model, CI 103 explores new concepts regarding user discount rate selection, such as using multiple rates for some occupancy decisions based on perception of risk related to the various occupancy cash flows.




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Course Concepts

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply key occupancy decision-making skills such as comparative lease analysis, lease vs. purchase analysis, lease buyout analysis, and sale-leaseback analysis to optimize user space decisions;
  • Determine how the financial reporting requirements for real estate influence user decisions; and
  • Integrate negotiation skills with financial analysis skills to maximize user outcomes.


Walter Clements, CCIM Instructor

Walt Clements

Walt Clements, CCIM, is President of Acquisitions at Clements Realty Advisors in Highland Park, Ill. During his 40 years in commercial real estate, Clements has become an expert in commercial real estate properties including development, industrial, and land.

Clements has been a CCIM Institute instructor since 1980 and is an adjunct professor at the University of Denver. He previously has taught as an Associate Professor and Director of the Lewis White Real Estate Center for the University of Missouri – Kansas City from 2008 through 2014.

Clements was recognized as Instructor of the Year in 1990 by Institute faculty. He also received the CCIM People’s Choice Award for teaching excellence in 1992, and was honored with  name endowed scholarships for real estate for the Kansas City CCIM Chapter in 2013 and UMKC in 2012.

Clements earned his associate’s degree  in real estate from University of Michigan, bachelor’s degree in real estate from Central Michigan University, and his master’s degree in real estate and construction management from University of Denver.

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